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    “ Care with insight “

MENMED  Foundation through patients education in close  collaboration with physicians wants to inspire and empower all men to live longer, healthier and happier lives.


Our goal is to support prevention, diagnosis and treatment of: 

1)  prostate cancer - the most common cancer disease in men 

2) endothelial  dysfunction  which is  a sensitive indicator of male overall health and the most common cause of  erectile dysfunction 

3) ADAM  "aging male" syndrome, which is a common symptom of middle-aged  men 


4) other diseases significantly impairing the quality of life of men such as  chronic prostatitis or Peyronie's disease


MENMED  Foundation wants also to :

a)  to promote general awareness among the lay public about the most common diseases of men and the possibilities of their diagnosis and treatment​

b) support equipment upgrades in connection with the treatment of above mentione diseases in medical facilities all around the world

c)  improve the educational opportunities of doctors, especially in the above mentioned diseases

MENMED Foundation managing board:

Igor Motil MD- urologist/andrologist

Tatiana Sramkova MD, PhD – sexologist/psychiatrist

PhDr. Mgr. Jeroným Klimeš, Ph.D. - psychologist

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